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  • White Christmas Dream

    A few were not a fan of the White Christmas Dream, but overall it was enjoyable. We subbed the Amaretto for Disaronno, so I am curious as to what it would taste like with the former. Source:

  • Apple Mail asking for Keychain password

    I just ran into this issue on my own computer. The basis is that when sending or receiving encrypted messages, will ask the user for an administrator password to access the certificate or decryption key. It is a really easy fix, but may involve you collecting a few certificates again (unless you can export […]

  • Cinnamon swirl loaf

    Just have to work on the swirl.

  • Beef Jerky

    Old link I wanted to save. [PDF] ArtofManliness_BeefJerky Art of Manliness: Beef Jerky (source)