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  • Electric Heart by Anevo (Featuring Ameria)

  • Awesome new song.

    Well, new to me. I will share it with you. The artist goes by “Of Monsters & Men“, the track is called “Little Talks“. Now from what I gather, they are an Icelandic group who had recently won a battle of the bands. Interesting eh? Soundcloud > Youtube, but I will be a pain and […]

  • Too good to keep quiet

    A while back I was at a youth concert (so I would call it, for all ages anyway) and I heard this band called “Gentlemen Husbands”. Finally the day has come that I can share their music! Plans B&E – Gentlemen Husbands Family Economics – Gentlemen Husbands Sound cloud is so much better than myspace.

  • New music!

    Sail by AwolNation This song has been stuck in my head since I have heard it. I thought you may as well fall victim to it too. Edit: http://soundcloud.com/awolnation/10-sail